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If you are a labor worker or professional staff and searching for a job, download Footogy app from Google Play Store, press the red button and book your job interview with a job agent.

Footwear Consulting Services

Are you facing challenges with your footwear brand or shoe project ? Do you need personalized guidance from seasoned footwear professional ? and need the Consultant on your team now ?
Look no further than our private and personal footwear consulting services, led by none other than Santosh Kardam, renowned as “Footwear Consultant.” With over 25 years of expertise in footwear design, development, and sourcing, Santosh is here to help you navigate the intricacies of the industry.
Don’t waste any more time and money without consulting an expert.
Schedule your private consultation now.

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Available footwear labor and professional staff on  Footogy app Download Footoji App now for skilled semi-skilled labor and staff and take your shoe manufacturing business to the heights of success

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