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We help connect b to b business, staff and labor Workers.

Welcome to Footogy – Where Opportunities and Success Take Root

At Footogy, we believe in the power of connections and the potential for growth within the dynamic landscape of the footwear industry. Whether you’re a professional seeking new career heights, a labor worker in search of meaningful opportunities, a business owner looking to hire the best talent, or a product/service provider aiming to expand your reach – Footogy is your gateway to a thriving future.
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Our Vision

Footogy envisions a world where individuals and businesses in the footwear industry seamlessly connect, collaborate, and prosper. We strive to create a comprehensive platform that not only simplifies job searches but also empowers businesses to thrive through effective talent acquisition, product sales, and service provision.

Connecting Talent to Opportunities

For Job Seekers:

Footogy is your personalized career companion. Utilize our cutting-edge job search features, set red button alerts through ‘My Job Agent,’ and explore a multitude of opportunities, from remote work to full-time positions. Connect with industry leaders, stay informed with the latest trends, and build a career path that aligns with your aspirations.

For Labor Workers:

If you’re a labor worker seeking swift job placements, Footogy is your go-to platform. Create your profile, initiate labor searches, and discover job opportunities that match your skills and preferences.

Empowering Businesses

For Recruiters and Business Owners:/

Recruiters, take your hiring process to new heights with the Footogy Recruiter App. Connect with top talent on the go, manage your pipeline seamlessly, and unlock the potential of your team. Business owners, whether you’re looking to hire skilled professionals or find labor for your projects, Footogy is your ally in success.

Boosting Sales and Visibility

For Product Manufacturers:

Showcase your products to a wider audience, reach new customers, and increase sales by creating your profile on Footogy.

For Service Providers:

Welcome, service providers! Display your services, connect with potential clients, and amplify your sales by creating a compelling profile on Footogy. Join Footogy today, where every step you take is a step towards growth, collaboration, and success in the vibrant world of footwear and business. Your journey starts here – at Footogy. Step in, and let’s walk the path to success together!

Why did you start footogy

Meet Our Founder - Mr. Santosh Kardam

Welcome to, the premier destination where careers find their stride, and businesses step into success. At the heart of our platform is Mr. Santosh Kardam, a stalwart with 25 years of experience as a seasoned Footwear Designer, Developer, and Consultant. His visionary leadership propels into a realm where innovation meets expertise, transforming the landscape of job searches and business growth in the footwear industry.

Our Journey

With a rich history spanning two decades in the footwear industry, our journey began with a profound realization — the industry faced multifaceted challenges affecting both employers and workers. Recognizing a significant gap in the market, we witnessed the struggles of small footwear manufacturers, ranging from design constraints to difficulties in sourcing skilled labor. This industry imbalance not only hindered productivity but also led to canceled orders and stagnation for businesses. Small manufacturers faced challenges in estimating product costs and suffered losses due to a lack of footwear knowledge.

What Sets Us Apart?

Seamless Connectivity is your gateway to seamless connectivity in the footwear industry. Whether you are a professional seeking a fulfilling career or a business owner looking to grow your enterprise, our platform is designed to connect talents with opportunities and businesses with the right partners.

Comprehensive Solutions

 Seamless Connectivity From job searches and recruitment to business development and consultancy, offers comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique needs of the footwear industry. We understand the intricacies of the field, and our platform reflects this knowledge, ensuring that every interaction is meaningful and impactful.

Founder's Commitment

 Seamless Connectivity
Mr. Santosh Kardam’s commitment to excellence and innovation permeates every aspect of His leadership inspires a culture of continuous improvement, ensuring that remains at the forefront of industry trends and advancements.

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