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Private & Personal Footwear Consulting Services

Are you facing challenges with your footwear brand or shoe project? Do you need personalized guidance from seasoned footwear professional?
Look no further than our private and personal footwear consulting services, led by none other than Santosh Kardam, renowned as “The Senior Footwear Developer & Consultant.” With over 25 years of expertise in footwear design, development, and sourcing, Santosh Kardam is here to help you navigate the intricacies of the industry.
Don’t waste any more time and money without consulting an expert.
Schedule your private consultation now.

What Technical Footwear Services Are Available?

Our Shoe Consulting Solutions Include:

  1. Shoe Project Viability: We assess the feasibility of your footwear projects, offering technical assistance, design expertise, and merchandising insights.
    2.  Professional Footwear Referrals: Need a qualified designer or developer? We connect you with the right professionals to elevate your shoe designs.
    3.  Strategic Footwear Sourcing: Access reliable sourcing options and make strategic procurement decisions to optimize your supply chain.
    4.  Quality Shoe Factories: Benefit from introductions to reputable sourcing production managers and trusted shoe factories.
    5.  Business Strategy and Brand Identity: Let us assist you in building a robust business plan and establishing a strong brand identity for your footwear venture.
    6.  Thorough Product Analysis: Santosh Kardam conducts detailed product tear-downs to evaluate and improve product quality.
    7.  Materials and Components Sourcing: Gain valuable insights into sourcing quality materials, components, and hardware for your shoe designs.
    8. India Quality Inspection: We provide valuable information on India quality inspections or can refer you to trusted inspection teams.
    9.  Costing and Negotiation Assistance: Get support in determining accurate costing and conducting fruitful factory price negotiations.
    10.  Footwear Sustainability: Discover opportunities for sustainability initiatives in your footwear business through assessments and audits.
    11. Comprehensive Design Support: We are here to assist you with any shoe or product design-related challenges you encounter.
    Don’t let obstacles hinder your footwear business’s success. Schedule your private consultation now and let “footwear consultant” guide you towards optimal solutions. Save time, money, and energy by consulting with our professional footwear experts. Reach out to us today to take the first step towards achieving your footwear goals!

To make the most of your time, and to get pointed in the right direction for your personal needs, please include as much information and detail as possible in your initial email.

Do you have an outline of your project? What is your single biggest shoe making challenge? What is your background? How much time and money have you spent trying to solve your challenge before contacting “The Consultant?”

Please advise if you have any photos, drawings, specs, or product briefs relevant to your project.

We will get back to you within 48 hours of sending your email request for consulting services.


Private Consultation: Rates vary with project.

Hourly, short term, and long term services available.

The absolute confidentiality of your project is the standard operating procedure for our team. Your designs, product briefs, business plans, and marketing strategies will be handled with care and security. If you require an NDA please send in advance of your consultation.

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